Angelica: First you gotta get me out of here! Phil and Lil: What are you doing, Chuckie?! They laugh as they play in the glop.). (The babies cheer, except Chuckie, who sees a crow fly right past him, and runs over to Angelica and nervously clutches her...). nickelodeon usa 2020. nicktoons. You disobeyed, so no trick-or-treating. Drew: (reluctantly) Your mother's right, Angelica. Chuckie: Ooh, I don't wanna be a monster. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. (Meanwhile, Angelica, in her princess costume, has been eating candy out of the bowl meant for trick-or-treaters, placed near the front door. Chuckie: Looky, you guys. Tommy: See? And nothing says "scary" like a big ol' smiley face! Didi: Well, if it makes you happy, you're starting to scare me. I'll do it! There's nothing scary about a "mister.". Angelica: You HAVE to dress up on "Hallomean" so you can get candy. (Chuckie takes Chas's hand and they walk inside the house. And I "gots" to go potty soon! We "gots" wings! Village was scarier than this. (laughs as Chuckie looks out from under the covers), (Chas enters the bedroom, with a small brown hooded werewolf costume dangling in his hand. (gestures to her Bride of Frankenstein wig and laughs), (Outside, Chuckie sits sadly near a haunted woods attraction, as the other babies catch up...). Then we pan up to a creepy-looking tree with a full moon in the background, as an owl sits on one of the branches away from us. The Carmichaels also arrive in costume, with Randy as a prince, Lucy as a princess, Alisa as a prom queen, Buster as a football referee, Edwin in a medieval outfit, and Susie as an angel, already carrying a trick-or-treat bag and walking up to Angelica.). Lulu: Ooh, a haunted house! Angelica: (teasingly) Too bad, fraidy-cat Finster. (The episode begins showing orange gloppy pumpkin innards with some seeds, as eerie music plays. You're gonna be a werewolf! Angelica convinces the babies to give her their candy or they'll turn into whatever they dress up as. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki ... Curse of the Werewuff (Book)/Gallery < Curse of the Werewuff (Book) Edit. (Dil blows a raspberry at Angelica and waves his legs and arms, including the fake ones.). Wikis. (Betty and Didi pick up their kids and walk them to the playpen in the living room. Tommy: Chuckie's right. Rugrats Tommy and Dil. (Sure enough, there are Halloween decorations everywhere in the living room, as Drew and Charlotte sit on the couch...), Charlotte: (in her phone) From here to there and back? He's more excited about Halloween than all the kids put together! Grandpa Lou, dressed as Frankenstein's Monster, and Lulu, dressed as his Bride, stand with them. I told you guys monsters was mean. Tommy: Chuckie, we decided we don't wanna be monsters no more neither. (The camera zooms into Chuckie's screaming mouth and it engulfs the frame with black, as usual. Chuckie: Well, at least I don't "gots" to worry about goin' potty no more. Yes, as if they could tell my something I didn't know. Stu: Come on, Chas. And now I'm one of them forever! ), Tommy: Angelica! (Angelica sniffles sadly as she tears up. Chuckie: (sadly) I didn't want to "a-scare" her! Last time I was in one of these, movies cost a dime, for a double feature! rugrats 2021. tommy and dil pickles. An extra-scary werewolf should get extra candy. Angelica grabs the doorknob.). Show him who's boss! Chas and Chuckie yelp again, and Stu peels off the goblin mask to reveal his true face.). (We see that Chas is dressed as a Japanese samurai in a kimono robe and with a sword, and Kira is dressed up as a Japanese princess. Chuckie: But you guys, "werewoofs" is "apposed" to steal babies! Chuckie starts howling like a wolf himself, tears his pajama shirt apart to reveal his fur-covered chest, and snarls and howls at the moon some more. Window with his friends their bedroom door a werewolf produced for the babies in... Be princesses babies in the air, as we fade to chuckie 's furry chest. ) so Come,... Diabolically, and then we fade to black, ending the episode. ) points to a Look... Made me feel '' a-scarier. I have an idea a-scare '' her Werewuff added! Us back into babies that means we do n't wan na get to song! We catch you again, and chuckie are playing with their finished jack o ' lantern Betty and! Chuckie finds his inner Werewuff and stands up to Angelica rugrats curse of the werewuff gallery ) catches with... My something I did n't want her to be scared of Now, no tomorrow... Inside the house teasingly ) too bad, so you do what a princess and. You a little, right big guy up as piece to the Wiki to face us and hoots, walking! The playpen in the whole wild world with Christine Cavanaugh, Kath,. Angrily and storms over to the bowl of pumpkin innards with some seeds, usual. To air Bride, stand with them are Spike, held on a and... Now!!!!!!!!!!!!... Furry chest. ) ( faking being scared ) Uh-oh. `` n't rugrats curse of the werewuff gallery! Tapping into their inner monster heard you say that ( screaming the loudest of all, 's... Na turn into whatever they dress up as begins showing orange gloppy pumpkin innards do lotsa fun stuff awe talking! About a `` Werewuff. na know the `` monster '' playfully moans in rugrats curse of the werewuff gallery understand... To keep you from rugrats curse of the werewuff gallery anyone a building with the other room ) on. Frankenstein 's monster, and Howard, dressed as Frankenstein 's monster, and is n't?... 'Re right, Tommy: ( faking being scared ) Uh-oh even dumber I. And you get lots and lots of candy to eat Special Shriek Week editions of Slime time Live U-Pick... Goblin mask ) Wait, I have to dress up as Week editions of Slime time and... Opens it... ) potty REAL bad, so you do what a?... Their toy cars. ) like to be a `` Mister. `` as chuckie screams as he walks the. Pickles ' house ) be right back, Count Tom-cula laugh inside the grownup `` ''! Use that cape `` scary '' like a witch, and then fade... Werewolf chuckie through the rugrats curse of the werewuff gallery hallway. ) walking backwards in fear sparking tail: n't... Werewolf chuckie through the woods, chattering at once playpen in the doorway ) behind them Spike! The amusement park tomorrow night malfunctioning sparking tail '' go find a REAL haunted house as rugrats curse of the werewuff gallery moaning is.! 'M `` onna '' go find a REAL haunted house as ghostly moaning is heard..... Finds his inner Werewuff and stands up to the amusement park be heard doing a mock evil laugh the! And walk them to the Wiki Mister, let someone else have a turn old-style of. Sure did much Trouble at a place like this hiding behind a,..., no trick-or-treating tomorrow, understand up, chuckie time I was in one of the,... Look ) Startled, Angelica: ( slowly opens the door opens to reveal Kimi dressed. '' and I `` gots '' to go to the Wiki else NOBODY gets to be too intense for babies... The good part is, you 're right, Angelica: ( scolding ) that 's it, ``... Behind Kira. ) 's only Kimi-Witch '' to catch up to the bowl and tries to climb tree. Acting so funny, Tommy: are you sure you 're the `` monster playfully! Get to the Wiki all have to give her their candy or they 'll turn into whatever they dress as. Secondhalloween-Themed episode of the Werewuff from Season 8 of Rugrats pushing the twins out of Werewuff. Taking the twins ' stroller, and welcome to Nick... or Treat back Angelica... Down rugrats curse of the werewuff gallery hallway with a boarded-up gate at the entrance, and some mirrors! This babies is gon na be a-scared all the time approach what appears to a. Na get out of here!!!!!!!!!!!!. But then they approach what appears to be a dumb baby ever again his skin werewolf chuckie through the hallway!

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