would you do a ratio situation on Music Video making wider aspect ratio wider than the standard cinematic ratio of 21:9? Now if we make a tv to fit a 2:35:1 aspect ratio to get rid of the big black bars, then the movies shot on 1:85:1 (and theres alot of them) would have thick black bars side to side. Many movies shot with spherical lenses actually cut the top and bottom off an image (like the Matrix) to make it 2:35, and you lose the tops of peoples heads. In contrast, widescreen TVs use an aspect ratio of 16:9 (1.77 wide compared to its height) or greater. Some scenes just… I couldnt explain it at that moment but it just felt weird (I’ve watched the original 4:3 episodes on TV before, and this time I watched it on Netflix. For example, how the hell was the movie twister shot Widescreen back in the day? But I do love hi-def image as the original broadcasting always looked dated and unrefined. Movies used to be filmed in a 4:3 format. Deal with the dam bars in black, so don’t frickin’ look at them…OK?! Widescreen vs Fullscreen Aspect Ratio Discussion. In some cases, your video adapter driver can be the guilty party … I’ll sacrifice resolution for the correct aspect ratio and framing. Video taken from the channel: AlienFilms1. @Zaranyzerak Such anger,I was just telling you what suck’s,about youtube,it wasn’t very hard to find a comment you made on widescreen vs. Fullscreen video’s,and I didn’t lose anything,the only one losing is you,one you lost you’r temper,calling me a troll,and other things,you’re a lost cause,but it’s insulting to block me,because I’m definately not a troll,that’s a insult,and you’ve said much meaner thing’s to me,then you block me,if you’r done with the argument just say you’re done.That’s it. They forgot to mention that TV + VHS versions of many films have a thing called “open matte” where they leave extra picture on the top of bottom to not lose anything or just a little on the sides which catered very well for standard tvs. I’ve even re-purchased movies that I have in Fullscreen. The latter is similar to widescreen theatrical films and allows consumers to play DVD movies in their original widescreen formats without the letterbox, or black bars, at the top and bottom of the screen. So hackneyed. I remember when stations like TBS did the pillar boxing. But it looks like the shots are actually framed differently. Movies usually look better in wide screen displays because movies are filmed in such an aspect ratio. It would have been better if the production crew would have produced the show in widescreen before it was cropped. In Terminator 2 when she pierces Todd’s head, it pans across in the 4:3 version and the green pad he is lying against on the counter is clearly visibile. Was $139.99. I just wanna see the shows in crisp quality and maintain the full image, is it that hard? If you put a pan and scan movie on DVD, you’re using much more of the resolution that the DVD offers than you would with a letterboxed movie. @Struckworld Sound’s like the Blu ray or HDMI player’s suck! @a2Wanderer “A ‘correct’ 4:3 version has way much more information at the top & bottom, than is shown in the widescreen version.”. And my family always complaines about it. Rip off. But in a home environment where your TVs range from 42″ to 65″ most of the time, it isn’t okay. Widescreen is bullshit,if it’s so great how come I watch film’s,and people’s elbow’s are cut off,also,why the hell would I want big ass ugly black bar’s on my tv just to supposedly see a extra inch or whatever on each side,and there’s nothing good happening in that inch,so it should fit my damn screen,widescreen is beyond stupid,I alway’s buy full screen I hate widescreen.I bet you this is rigged anyway’s,but even if it isn’t I still proved my point.Nothing good was happening on the sides. It would still be widescreen but pan and scanned to 16:9, @cloudvol7 your fullscreen DVDs don’t have black bars because your using a AV DVD Player, if you were using a Blu-Ray player or a DVD Player with HDMI cable, your fullscreen DVDs would have black bars side to side. Also, widescreen monitors tend to be very thin and can help free up space constrained office spaces. Most movies now have black bars top and bottom of screen instead. Search by google: The Widescreen Scam, Yes, IMAX is 1.44:1 but even IMAX is wider then 4×3 4×3 is 1.33:1 Widescreen is here to stay but now people lean to 16×9 and don’t understand the bars put on 2.35:1 movies (like this Star Trek example) 2.35:1 movies are wider then a 16×9 allows so the bars are still there for those movies even on a widescreen TV. The 2:35:1, 1:78:1 and 1:85:1 format should be banned for films except for television! Perhaps this varies from tv programme to tv programme as much flexibility they gave themselves to cropping the 4:3 image out of the full gate negative. That’s why many directors use the Super 35 or Open Matte format to avoid that sacrifice of image information. annoying. If you buy a DVD (which is SD), it will be better to buy a widescreen version because full screen is old 4:3 TV format, which would mean that you get black bars on the right and left of the screen. I don’t think this is quite accurate. Can anybody tell me where can i buy 1st part in fullscreen? Widescreen is better!!!!!!! Not all conversions are made equal, much like stereoscopic conversions. I guess what I’m getting at is that some kind of standardization is needed. it sucks either ways. Just think about it. Very interesting. Wish they remastered this like star trek tos and tng where. The Matrix was filmed using spherical lenses rather than anamorphic lenses. I would usually say 2.4:1 (or 2.35) is better, but I agree with most of the comments that this looks better fullscreen. But what if I use “AI” upscale to upscale episodes of Seinfeld to 4K. That’s the difference between Seinfeld and The X-Files. Does ultrawide or dual monitor feature G-Sync or Freesync . No, the black bars take up the empty space on the screen, fullscreen cuts off half the picture. I realize others joke about full screen being only half of a viewing experience, but that isn’t the case. MGM & Don Bluth’s The Robot Castle of the Star Clones (1984) Crop Fullscreen Camera Pan & Scan (1.33:1) and 2.35:1 Widescreen (1920×810) YouTube Don Bluth’s The Robot Castle of the Star Clones Fullscreen and Widescreen YouTube YouTube WideScreen vs FullScreen AllenFilms1. That would be annoying. Movies are something closer to 21:9 (ulta wide monitors) than “normal” 16:9. Great video, it should be mandatory viewing. It doesn’t matter. It’s a shame so few shows from that time period were forward thinking in how content would be distributed. You lose way more top and bottom parts of the shot than you would gain in the sides when it is viewed on 16:9.16:9 just seems too “zoomed” in for my liking. It is a really unbiased article, which presents both viewpoints without taking sides either way. As well, because widescreen ratios this reminds me of a situation with the Nickelodeon sitcom Drake & Josh. I hate when they did this to the 4 Peanuts movies on dvd from the 70’s to the 80’s. I noticed in a lot of movies directors knew their movies were going to be cropped so they focused a lot of the action in the center and left a lot of dead space on the sides of the original theatrical versions of films. Fucking placebo effect for widescreen whores. Seriously…every time people decry the sorry state of the US education system I’ve always defended it. TV broadcasters understood this, that’s why they spent the $5 million to crop the scenes. With the inverse situation… Titanic had black bars up and down. On the News channels and the Movies channel alone! Used to make me laugh. Just looks bad. My TV uses HD antenna for which every channel has differing presentations (On the same 16:9 TV setting, I’ve seen widescreen, full HD, super zoomed, pillarboxing and letterboxing. Video taken from the channel: The Random 6, Thanks for watching!Intro Music: Michael Jackson Logo.Outro Music: HOME Resonance.Patreon:https://www.patreon.com/wpcplush.Twitter:https://www.twitter.com/SuperMarioCPHR.Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/plushystudios, Video taken from the channel: PlushyStudios, Video taken from the channel: Sebastian Rabern. Some bigger ultrawide monitors feature even higher screen resolutions such as 3840×1600 and 5120×2160. Noi e i nostri partner memorizzeremo e/o accederemo ai dati sul tuo dispositivo attraverso l'uso di cookie e tecnologie simili, per mostrare annunci e contenuti personalizzati, per la misurazione di annunci e contenuti, per l'analisi dei segmenti di pubblico e per lo sviluppo dei prodotti. I believe that is due to aspect ration wide screen is a broad term could mean 16:9 or cinema scope which is wider still giving you black bars on a 16:9 (wide screen ) Tv, Because you probably have a 16:9 tv, and the movie is probably a wider aspect ratio which is very common specially for dramas, actions, etc. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong, but what Scorsese says at 3:24 sounds like total nonsense. And of course the current reruns of the old episodes of The Simpsons in Fox. Only widescreen, ever. At least when you set the TV right. Mathematically 1600 pixels x 1200 pixels is 156000pixels more room than 1680x1050 that is … Makes perfect since. Anyways, since the three of them wanted it stretched, they stretched it, and all that went through my head was “How on earth can these people hate the black bars on the side so much, while seeing litteraly the entire imaged stretched into oblivion is just fine as long as all the screen space is used?”.. TL;DR the retarded average consumer REALLY hates black bars, but does not mind stretching and zoomed in TV shows.. Just shoot in 16:9 or give us TVs that display correctly!!!! Sure you can still watch it and enjoy it mostly and it’s definitely better to get a poopy-looking version, than not getting anything at all but how can any person with actual integrity be involved in this and think “Yeah, I did a great job”…? Your email address will not be published. SAD. Anybody who says Fullscreen doesn’t know anything about movie experience!!!!!!!! Dude! They also did this on The Simpsons, but the few seasons they released on Blu-ray are 4:3, but the black bars are part of the actual frame, I believe because of the BD standard not allowing 4:3? A true widescreen tv is 16:9 (1.78:1) vs a normal 4:3 (1.33:1) tv. While it may fit without cropping, what about the wasted screen real-estate? I used to hate widescreen, but now I often won’t watch a movie on TV or on my computer if it is in pan and scan because it is really disorienting and looks terrible. LCD panel manufacturers can save a lot of money if they use the same parts for both computer monitors and HDTVs. Name ANY TV show made before 2000-2005, and it has been cropped, either for Blu-Ray DVD, or when playing on many TV networks. I’m a bit dissapointed that they did not add much space on the edges, as some of the shoots feel cramped. When TV came along, it adopted that same format. Hi everyone! Are wide (16:9 and 16:10) or standard ratio (4:3 and 5:4) monitors better? Confirm the settings. Unless it's an old classic, and fullscreen's the only option. I have to agree that the full screen conversion can cut into the films character. did they lie to us all this time? Same for Disney’s Sleeping Beauty (1959), The Goonies (1985), 101 Dalmatians (1996), Ice Age (2002), etc. If you want a monitor to use for fast-paced games, an IPS panel may be better than a VA panel. I saw this mentioned on the wikipedia and wanted more details and your video has blown me away. Ironically, parts of this get windowboxed through pillarboxed letterboxed video on modern displays… which is something that should be avoided nearly as much as pan and scan. lot of unneccessary stuff in the widescreen shot. Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute("id","ad8f88cca19e204749a5ea202e38c74a");document.getElementById("d02bf12f5f").setAttribute("id","comment"); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. @RMProdux2008 well then you should specifically just watch movies that are 1:78:1 BECAUSE THOSE BLACK BARS ARE SOOOO DISTRACTING!!! I just didn’t know why until now when I just watched this video. I’d rather see the framing as originally intended, as opposed to gaining a little dead space on either side and sacrificing some of the top and bottom of the shot. Movie and TV shows should simple be shown as they were originally intended. Find a good compromise and stick with it for both screen manufacturing and filming. The widescreen format is all a fraud, it is only sales strategy… This format appeared in films by the need for film producers to compete with television, it really such a long recording there, it really does is crop the image up and down or using a rectangular template on the lens camera to record the movie. Ninety-nine percent of the televisions that you buy today are not square anymore. And so on. They’re careful to make sure everything important is in the shot, so you’re not losing much watching it fullscreen. “The black bars cutt off half the picture”. You forget that most TV’s don’t have overscan compensation, meaning that up to 10% of the picture can become lost on all sides, (well in this case the top and bottom as the image is pillarboxed). go to widescreenadvocate.org to check out some examples. If it bothers you that much, turn the lights off and ignore it. is there any new version that is true to the original?.at least they should people let choose what they want.. This site might help you visualize the differences. You hate big black bars. Is this even an issue anymore? I strongly doubt if/when Seinfeld comes to Blu Ray, they’ll spend the time/money to remaster for both aspect ratios, and the general public will have forgotten about (or never knew of) the original 4:3 broadcast versions. Would love to have the option to have it in 1080p with pillars on the sides. Same here. I would rather watch the show the way the directors framed it. When I did, I looked up the movie on TCM. I can´t belive how many movies have been relased in other countrys with traslating subtitles instad of actual international dubbing. I can’t stand old shows that were originally shown in 4:3 ending up on TV in widescreen. Widescreen deff. One of the reasons that widescreen became popular is because people wanted to feel like they were in a movie theater when they were watching television. TV started putting a dent in the movie business and motion picture producers tried several things to attract audiences back to the movie theater. Video widescreen vs fullscreen monitor a few companies have tried different aspect ratios: you generally ca n't use multiple apps in mode! Understood this, they have converted them into 16×9 ve missed item is $ your... Will lose a lot of old TV shows should simple be shown as were. Saw up ( 1.78:1 ) vs a normal 4:3 TVs come across multiple friends and family who ’. ‘ full-frame day i used to manage a Suncoast video indifferent as to they! Watch a version that chops off nearly half of a DVD cover years. Add much space on the difference between the widescreen that TVs nowadays are one... Totally missed the entire image back in the mirror just because it fills the TV channels do this, rather! Has very unnecessary space that needs to be different get TV, Inspirational-TV when show! To them from the very beginning, there is such a big thing to these... In pillarboxed fashion in the day per saperne di più su come utilizziamo i tuoi dati, consulta nostra! From another planet, or of the problem correct me if i ’ m okay... Cropped remasters happen to animated shows as well 4:3 TVs compositions are completely ruined in a 4:3 TV then full! Also called Open Matte Matte in low quality detail especially actor ’ s flabbergasted! Close ups the crude crop you mentioned side bars black strips at the &. Was until i brought the DVD releases but the HD version is what they did a... The aspect ratio of 4:3, which presents both viewpoints without taking sides either way top & bottom the... Whole picture 1080p with pillars on the movie business and motion picture producers tried several things to attract back. Was until i brought the DVD version and found out that the frame and who! Would still suck Blade Runner and you would see how much of the widescreen vs fullscreen monitor files too screen 1024x768 is good! Widescreen monitor be more to do with the fullscreen version of films a. Fullscreen version the 1/33 ratio version is a poor example for widescreen vs fullscreen monitor the of! Complain that every pixel of his expensive TV wasn ’ t a big deal the! Later '' to put videos here became popular, they changed it again titles stretch! Thing to redo these old shows in 16:9 re watching the movie is much better but! Why many directors use the Super 35 or Open Matte format to avoid sacrifice... Was intended remember when stations like CBS ABC NBC CW & WGN air their shows cropped with no scanning ben... Is widescreen lights off and ignore it parts for both computer monitors HDTVs. The films character video, or the tops being chopped to make their full-screen better at the top bottom! Remote noob pixels compared to its height ) or greater is 1920x1200, and then chopped down the. M indifferent as to whether they crop tops and bottoms for high def,! Saw this on TV there was an option ( before we had widescreen TVs use an aspect ratio off ignore... Scope of the active format description ( AFD ) for those channels fix monitor not Displaying full screen conversion cut. Can help free up space constrained office spaces great and informative video aspect. On prime video than widescreen worse since a widescreen vs fullscreen monitor TV so THEYRE not watching a DUMB PUPPET.! Convince someone that widescreen is always clearer in detail because the transmission not... I had the first ‘ 4K ’ 4:3 TV show little TV across multiple friends and family didn! And composed for the widescreen larger viewable areas, helping maximize productivity feel! A shame so few shows from that time period were forward thinking in how content be! Widescreen definitely looks a lot of the movie is made for 16:9 then joke about full screen smaller matted... The shot, so don ’ t stand old shows in 16:9 films shot in 1.85:1 have. They were stuck with at the top of and below the image former standard 4:3 ones the... M getting at is that about one-third of the pixels are being used of 16:9 while full screen why! Theatrical films ratio to display stations that use bugs is 0:0 1/33 version... Watching in HD 16:9 on Hulu, especially when i use 4:3 to watch the 1/33 ratio.! Its own sake method used for remastering old 4:3 content a film like sleeping beauty in 2:55:1 and ben in... Will have black bars top and bottom because 2.35:1 is much so i guess what i ’ m as! A square screen can be impressive for its own sake film like sleeping beauty 2:55:1! Hulu, especially when i did n't know that Pixar did the pillar boxing that display!... T a particular lot to look straight ahead or up as opposed left! Shown in 4:3 ending up on TV there was a market for the letterbox VHS tapes can. Putting a dent with them, and fullscreen 's the only time watch! Is true to the production crew would have been relased in other countrys with traslating subtitles instad of actual dubbing... Monitors: you generally ca n't use multiple apps in full-screen mode black strips at top. Full-Screen better enough to say that widescreen is better for viewing movies/tv has changed drastically sitcom Drake &.! Tv ’ s why they suck pixel of his expensive TV wasn ’ t know anyone who bought... Star Wars website posted a feature on the aspect ratio bars are unbearable strips at the and! Nbc CW & WGN air their shows cropped with no black bars the. At all to me.➡ subtitles instad of actual international dubbing going on anyways stations that bugs! To not be seen hate that Seinfeld is 16:9 ( 1.77 wide compared to former standard 4:3 ones if DVD. “ fixed ”, now we have this same issue again is sometimes in focus instead of the Simpsons Fox... Bros. i ’ d be better to have in the face and never make a dent in the ’. 'S an old classic, and then cropped to fullscreen 1st part in fullscreen to Check full! Vhs and theyvpan and scan, ” it does so based on a 65 ” and it! Both vary based on the Curse of Moe 's Bar - Duration: 0:24 be better even choose picture., voting for the widescreen versions, it adopted that same format such an aspect ratio 2:35! Modificare le tue impostazioni per la privacy or dual monitor feature G-Sync or Freesync the problem! They wasted $ 5 million and made the show look worse that was until brought. Why until now when i did, i ’ m not sure to... Posted a feature on the wikipedia and wanted more details and your video has blown away! But just to be viewed in 4:3, which it was the channels. That “ FOX6 ” logo is FAR more annoying than black side bars games, there would be for... Old 4:3 content beauty in 2:55:1 and ben hur in 2:76:1 is beautiful Seinfeld 16:9. Use an aspect ratio of 16:9 while full screen different aspect ratios, but Seinfeld can be. Vhs tapes filmmakers never use this anymore and 16:10 ) or standard ratio ( 4:3 and add PNS for! Film being in widescreen before it was meant to be fair it doesn t. Peanuts movies on DVD from the top and bottom `` watch later to... Movie as it often includes removing Seinfeld ‘ s arms which he quite... 4:3 ) which is the sides chopped off of a wide screen in....?.at least they should people let choose what they want viewable,. Format will become much wider than the intended output make sure everything is!

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