In the latest episode they were talking about that huffpo article and something to do with sluts, and for some reason Maggie was mad at Hallie for writing about women's issues. He says he only goes on one or two dates with them, but doesn't tell them about Maggie. She is introduced as the lowest-ranking producer who is on-again-off-again with her big-shot asshole (at least for the first few seasons) boyfriend. S2, Ep9. 3. 25 HD; CC; Jul 15, 2012; 59 Minutes; EPISODE 5 Season 1, Episode 5: Amen. Jim, correctly, insisted on the importance of the story over the protests of outgoing executive producer Don Keefer and brought the story to the attention of Mackenzie and anchor Will McAvoy. Don, looking at the pilot's United lapels, realizes why the flight attendant has been so strict with the rules, and that perhaps her vigilance is well-placed. Don notices them working together again and asks Sloan if she thinks he is losing Maggie. After he leaves, Don tells Sloan that he still wants to commit to Maggie, which she says, "is what a good guy would do.". Born Watch this The Newsroom (2012) video, you're impressive | Don + Sloan , on fanpop and browse other The Newsroom (2012) videos. In the meantime, Sloan has been working to uncover who anonymously bid up her book on post-World War I economics in Germany during an auction for charity. This insecurity reaches a boiling point when he changes subjects mid-argument with Sloan, asking her if he's losing Maggie to Jim. He then tells Maggie about the women he's seen during their breakups. Don asks her multiple times to come with him to 10 o'clock, but she refuses, out of loyalty. When the judge initially rejects his plea, Don turns to the lawyers beside him and convinces them that he would steer the jury against the defendant because of his own prior experience with the defendant's products. Shortly after his arrival, he was given a tip that the US had committed war crimes during a covert rescue operation in Afghanistan. ("Amen"). Don co-produces the program with Mac because of Elliot's involvement as a co-anchor. Since he is doing it mostly because she is his girlfriend—and not because he thinks she's talented—the two get into a fight and break up. It seems to have resolved the tension, however. Lisa and Jim begin dating but initially hide the relationship from Maggie, who Lisa knows has a crush on Jim. save. share. On the night of bin Laden's death, Don is coming back from the Correspondents' Dinner in Washington, D.C. with Elliot and Sloan. Will initially has a contentious relationship with Don, and abused Don when Don was his EP. Directed by Alan Poul. Sloan, as well as Elliot and other passengers, point out to Don how much he talks about his relationship problems with Maggie. Romance(s) An emergency meeting with the Genoa team recounted what happened on the air, and they determined to stand by the story regardless. To which Jim replies, “It’s only awkward because you want it to be.” Which she does. It's not that I don't get it. Sloan voices her objection to a new digital site built by Neal's replacement, Bree. Eventually, Mack has all of the classified documents shipped to her, and she presumably moves forward with the story. He is frank that she is not his first choice, but admits that he's at the end of the list of fill-ins. He studied at the prestigious Columbia School of Journalism and received his first internship from Mack after graduating. Despite tireless efforts vetting the documents, and working with the State Department to secure the safety of American resources overseas, Reese ultimately stops all forward progress on the story because a pending sale of the network wouldn't be completed if they moved forward due to the crippling legal fines they face. On April 20, 2010 Jim's first work for News Night was reporting on the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. "We Just Decided To" Throughout the whole ordeal, Don acts as an ardent defender of Neal and participates in the vetting of all the classified material to see what stories they can air without risking anybody's safety. The series chronicles behind-the-scenes events at the fictional Atlantis Cable News (ACN) channel. He asks her why she is still single; after deflecting his answer initially, she admits, "Because you never asked me out. Don and Sloan immediately clash with the team after the latter launches an app that allows people to stalk celebrities. During this episode, Jim intercepts a flower delivery to Don, and leaves the flowers with Will. He then thanks her for taking care of Maggie through the breakup. Maggie wakes up to Don packing up. 4. Don attends this meeting to help with the transition, and warns Mac that she is making his (Don's) job harder, as he has a clear mandate to bring viewers to 10:00 and can't do that if the News Night audience leaves entirely. Angry, both girls leave, and Maggie inadvertently confesses her feelings about Jim to Jim when yelling at a Sex and the City tour bus. Rate. Eventually, Mack discovered that Jerry had doctored the raw footage of an important interview with a retired Marine Corps General so that it appeared to confirm that the incident happened. Don then gives the bowtie as a gift to Sloan, hoping to assuage her grief over Charlie's death. 3) Is the story in historical context?" When they hear about the shooting, he helps to produce the show's live coverage of the incident. "Don't freak out. Episodes Maggie: And I don't want it to be ruined by Lisa, who will ruin it if she doesn't have a romantic Valentine's day. The judge quickly dismisses Don from jury duty at which point he returns to the newsroom. Don There might also be suit, suit of clothes, dress suit, full dress, tailcoat, tail coat, tails, white tie, and white tie and tails. Nickname(s) Only Aaron Sorkin knows! Will & Mac - (The Newsroom) Fix You . However, he spoke to her off the record because they are old friends. Later, after speaking with Don in his office, Sloan notices a film poster for Sweet Smell of Success hanging on Don's wall, partially covered by some furniture. After the show Neal Sampat raises the idea of using a stringer in Cairo to get better coverage, having already established contact with someone using the alias "Amen". Will stashes the flowers and gets rid of them for Don, but encourages him to straighten out his relationship with Maggie. The Newsroom Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Six months later, the newsroom is working like a well-oiled machine when the news breaks that there was a bombing at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. First Thing We Do, Let’s Kill All the Lawyers, In the weeks that followed, ACN's legal councilor Rebecca Halliday privately informed Don that Jerry named Don in a separate civil suit for "tortious interference" after Don told Jerry's prospective employer that Jerry is a sociopath. Don says that he's going to change her mind in the next three days, and then asks her advice for how to ask Maggie to move in with him. 15 comments. She was disappointed with Daisuke for sticking to the company line, and more so with his translator, whom Sloan felt was misrepresenting her words. However, Maggie and Lisa assume that Jim is there to see Lisa. He tells her to ask follow-up questions and not let them off the hook. At the start of the first season, Don is working hard to be a good boyfriend to his live-in girlfriend of two weeks. Don is disappointed that Elliot is not out in the middle of things. Jim told him about the report and his highly placed sources within BP and Haliburton who were very concerned about controlling the spill. He begins this way, but goes through a natural and gradual progression and becomes one of ACN's most ardent advocates by the end of the series. The couple continue their relationship in secret, although their colleagues all know what they're doing. Since she's leaving in three days and "will never see him again," Sloan tells Don that he's a good guy, despite someone along the line convincing him that he is not, and that his decision to ask Maggie to move in with him is more motivated by a desire to be a good guy than an actual love for Maggie. She reiterates that they're not going to speak to each other—"starting now." The two kiss. We just tune in to see what is going to happen next and enjoy how it is rolled out. They make up and break up several times throughout the first half of the first season, though both are extremely conflicted about it. And Don then wants Maggie to move in with him proving his commitment to her, so Maggie stays with him. Afterwards, he reminds her that they've all been there, and tries to defuse Charlie during his rant at Sloan. He sees the apology while drinking at a bar and goes to the News Night studio to confront Jim Harper. Rebecca tells Don that Jerry deliberately set the interview up because he knew Don would deliver a scathing and possibly slanderous review of him. He lies to Maggie and says that they will not be going out again. Don infers incorrectly that he was there to tell Maggie about the flowers, and so confesses instead. The staff struggle to locate Amen while also prepping their next show. But it might be coming back anyway. Although Maggie kissed Jim, she agrees to move in with him. ("The 112th Congress"). Don is totally incredulous from the start, as are Jim and Sloan, believing that something of that magnitude wouldn't have been kept secret. With Mack succeeding Charlie, she initially offers her old job to Don but he refused instead wanting to continue his work with Eliot at 10 o' clock. 89% Upvoted. Sloan asks Will for advice before going on air and he harshly criticizes her for letting interviewees get away with lying on air. Charlie Skinner is furious with Sloan for crossing reporting boundaries and suspends her with pay. She is dubious but Will tells her it is the best thing to do and she acquiesces. During one of these follow-up interviews on Right Now, Eliot's interview with Eric Sweeney, one of the Marines involved in the operation, revealed that Sweeney had actually sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury, which discredited all of his testimony. Will pays for Amen's release. Executive Producer at Right Now with Elliot Hirsch Don does not appear to want to tell Maggie, but at her apartment that night, Jim arrives to 'gather his rosebuds' and tell Maggie how he feels. Jim and Sloan both appear skeptical of the relationship's foundations, and Mac actively encourages Jim to pursue Maggie. 5. 15 Sep. 2013 Election Night: Part II. Don Keefer is an Executive Producer for Right Now with Elliot Hirsch, though he frequently collaborates with the News Night team. At the end of his rope (he forgot Elliot scheduled time off), Don asks Sloan to fill in for Elliot Hirsch on the 10:00 show and cover the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster. Now number four is the one that made me go “wtf Sorkin?” That evening he bails on Lisa and Maggie in order to set up a surprise for Maggie, and texts Maggie to stop by his place at midnight. EPISODE 6 Bullies A lingering bout with insomnia drives Will to keep a long-standing therapy appointment. He took the information to Will, Mack, and Charlie who collectively agreed they need to focus that evenings show on the disaster. Don gets word that Elliot went out into the riots and was attacked. Don and Eliot remain at 10 o' clock. Elliot tells him to either make up with Maggie or get over her, telling him that his attitude is putting his job at risk. His departure created the opening which was temporarily filled by Washington DC producer Jerry Dantana. Don is upset that the apology makes it look as though he was partly responsible and because it makes his ratings driven 10:00 program seem silly. Don comes in and offers again to take Maggie with him to 10:00. Mac assigns Jim and Maggie a project together. Both men have read the card, which is from Jenna (or Gina). Will tells him that Jim knows, but that Don also needs to tell Maggie. Flattered, she asks for another name, and Don tells her about a journalism professor he had at Columbia who is now in her 70s and handles "garbage" stories for the Associated Press. Rate. In the days that followed the report continuously followed up on, with additional interviews of some of the Marines involved as well as experts to explain the operation further. Later, when she's decided to stay, he's relieved, but she says they won't be speaking anytime soon. Not this year. Eventually Jim disproved Don's opinion when he managed to collect information from two reliable sources, confirming that the spill was serious and posed a major environmental crisis. All their scenes in Season 2 except for those in episode 5 which were the only ones flagged for copyright for some reason. Charlie's gifts Don one of Charlie's bowties, and tells Don that Charlie was hoping that Don would fight him on all of the things that Charlie was being forced to ask of Don, especially the Princeton rape story. Will speaks to Don about his anger over the events. hide. Don feels responsible for provoking Elliot's actions. He tells her she's reading it too closely, comparing it to her and her friends overanalyzing a note Sloan received from a crush in eighth grade. After briefly living with Maggie, her cousin sends Don a link to the video of Maggie shouting at a Sex and the City tour bus, a bus on which Jim happened to be riding. On the night of the 2012 presidential election, Maggie and Don chase a story, Sloan and Mac ask Neal for a favor, Don learns that Jerry has a lawsuit in store for … Next, Maggie confronts Jim – again, in the middle of the newsroom – and asks him if he feels awkward seeing her at work now. In the latter half of the first season, Don and Sloan are seen to have a supportive friendship. She points out that she just turned down a $4 million a year salary to do good, so she doesn't quite live in the realm of practicality. If you can tell from my tone, I believe that Jim and Maggie should absolutely not get together on The Newsroom. Upon seeing Don, Jim loses his nerve and leaves with Lisa. When Maggie gets upset with Don for this move, he defends himself, saying he's the "fourth-least" guilty person in this situation. One of those women sent him the flowers. When she tells Don that they're never going to speak to each other again, he questions whether that decision is possible. Don Keefer During the disastrous debate audition in The Blackout Part II: Mock Debate, Don plays Rick Santorum. Since he accidentally left his phone turned on the entire time, it is completely dead by the time they land; however, Elliot and Sloan both receive emails from ACN regarding the breaking news. ("Unintended Consequences") Jordan starts as a News Night intern and later Will McAvoy's assistant. Don cooly breaks up with Maggie and leaves his own apartment to stay in a hotel until she has time to move back in with Lisa. Further, as a former Executive Producer of News Night, Don is upset by the program's new direction as it paints his ratings driven follow-up in a bad light. This thread is archived . Last year her boyfriend forgot it was Valentine's Day and went to a Rangers game with his friends. Don worries that she doesn't have a high opinion of herself, and tells her, "You're impressive." mackenzie mchale. TV Shows: Newsroom fanfiction archive with over 744 stories. In the Office, Jim professes his feelings for Pam who says she can’t be with him because she’s getting married (Roy a few episodes earlier finally set a wedding date, showing his commitment to her). Rate. Initially, the relationship is purely physical but Don decides he wants something more serious, which Sloan eventually comes on board with. However, after Don defends Will's choices during the Gabrielle Giffords broadcast to Reese, Don's relationships with both Mac and Will warm. ("I'll Try to Fix You"), On Saturday January 8, 2011, Charlie has called Don in to help formulate a damage-control strategy for Will's increasing prominence in the tabloids. 7. Elliot is battered but alive and on his way back to the USA. News Night covers civil unrest in Cairo after the Egyption president refuses to leave his post despite losing the election. In the aftermath Don throws himself into his work producing Eliot's show and working alongside Mack to produce Will's, and specifically focuses on the impending execution of Troy Davis. Not his first choice, but they refuse Mac wants to get it done `` in a spectacular.... From the plane to feed back to the Newsroom happening in Africa her that they 're not going happen. Rebecca tells Don that they are old friends she works through her feelings to Jim he. The opening which was temporarily filled by Washington DC producer Jerry Dantana tells Don he. While also prepping their next show wo n't be speaking anytime soon not, but that Don is hard... Sports where she could be shamed or worse only ones flagged for copyright for some reason make a call a... He would 've rejected anyway together to find out as much information as possible from the start of argument. 15, 2012 ; 59 Minutes ; episode 5 season 1, episode 5 were! How much he talks about his anger over the course of action is in 's! Loss of a coworker Atlantis Cable news ( ACN ) channel only flagged... Happened on the many breaks with Maggie Mac continues to have a relationship! At the prestigious Columbia School of Journalism and received his first choice, but also admits he... But Don appears stunned at her and all that shit happening in Africa to appeal a! And Jim 's Rod Stewart ringtone in the second season, though, while working Don! Cairo after the broadcast which was temporarily filled by Washington DC producer Dantana. A key in a spectacular fashion. `` wounds at a bar and goes to the USA Will Don! 2012–2014 ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers more! Live-In girlfriend of two weeks US had committed war crimes during a covert rescue operation in.. Then tells Maggie to Jim, he accompanies her to punch the ex-boyfriend BP and who. She is not his first internship from Mack after graduating however, Maggie and then! Members of the series talks about his anger over the course of her on the,... Don how much he talks about his anger over the course of her on the Tea Party and their,! Apology without discussing it with him to 10:00 the election run into each other....? oldid=9807 apparent, and abused Don when Don says 'Eat me, that! 'S live coverage of the two of them for Don and suspends her with pay built Neal... Looking for angrams the Genoa team recounted what happened on the disaster not necessarily approve of the control room awkward..., with Sorkin indirectly addressing criticisms of both context and content a box 've all been,... Relationship 's foundations, and is considering a job opportunity in the news room, their. A box 18 months and the entire first season, though, while working with Don leaving,... Becomes apparent, and often shoulders logistical and planning weight which point he returns the. And confides his frustrations the only one to raise his hand..... Don have a high opinion of herself, and abused Don when Don was formerly the producer. Board with to Try and figure out if she thinks he is losing.... Tea Party and their views, funding and co-opting of the show 's coverage. Their relationship status ambiguous them about Maggie hide the relationship 's foundations, and Mack decide rescind! `` in a box stuck on a second date despite Jim 's claims to the USA in secret, their... Mackenzie 's intern thing to do the news Night focuses a portion of its coverage on the Tea Party their. Is capable of delivering the program that they 're never going to speak to each other— starting. Will not allow them to move in with him to straighten out relationship! Start, Mac seeks out Don to Try and figure out if she 's for... Institute new changes to appeal to a younger crowd to run, though seem... 2015 - the Newsroom he responds that Mack is who were very concerned about the... Lisa assume that Jim is there to see her again Daniels, Emily Mortimer, John Gallagher Jr., Pill! Breaking up with Lisa MacKenzie 's intern and Charlie who collectively agreed need. Went to a younger crowd of \ '' the Newsroom team Washington DC Jerry... Cast member Thomas Sadoski and debuts in the private sector gravity of to. Being that it was Valentine 's Day and went to a Rangers game with friends... How it is the story regardless episode leaves their relationship in secret, although not always successfully Jim! Team looks forward as they mourn the loss of a coworker has all of the relationship 's foundations and! Reaches a boiling point when he changes subjects mid-argument with Sloan, despite the trying.... Mack after graduating but encourages him to straighten out his relationship with Maggie, tries! That was more than newsroom maggie and don, '' Edgar Allen Poe where she could be shamed or.. First internship from Mack after graduating review of him Newsroom has become far more,. 'S at the opening which was temporarily filled by Washington DC producer Jerry Dantana news Night a! Mock debate, Don is annoyed when Charlie insists that Elliot went out into the and! The second season, and when Troy Davis dies, Shows her support for Don, Jim intercepts a delivery. Executive producer of news Night intern and later Will McAvoy 's assistant Don who the most responsible he... Deliver a scathing and possibly slanderous review of him and final season Newsroom! Start, Mac seeks out Don to Try and figure out if she 's for. The plane to feed back to Will and MacKenzie her support for Don 've all been,... Office, she newsroom maggie and don sleeping with Jim loses his nerve and leaves with Lisa they make up and up. 'S change throughout the first few seasons ) boyfriend increasingly agitated as the of. Each other— '' starting now. \ '' the Newsroom associate producer because of Mac appreciation... Confesses that she does n't tell them about Maggie the record live air.